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Keyword Research

Through keyword research you can drastically increase your visitors by customizing carefully selected keyword phrases you are trying to rank for. By targeting the right keywords for the right pages you will have the knowledge to plan content for blogs, product descriptions, and landing pages.


Competitor Research

There is a phrase, “Steal like and artist,” and it most definitely applies to marketing. By seeing what is working for your competitors you can cut out a lot of wasted time and money. Also, you can see what keywords you might be a waste of effort, given how much time your competitors have spent building authority for those specific ones. Worry not, time is your friend. In that instance we will take the long road and slowly build authority for those while put our focus on easier keywords to build rankings for.



Google Analytics gives you specific tools to monitor SEO growth, trends, and impact on traffic to your site. We can set and track your goals to monitor your progress as well as see what keywords or keyword phrases most impact traffic to your website. Google Analytics provides detailed reports as well with as much information as you need to choose a proper course of action for all of your SEO needs.

Search Engine Rank Monitoring

Rank monitoring is essential to keeping track of what keywords and content are working best for your site. By monitoring your rank you can specifically tailor your SEO efforts in the right places to maximize visitors and profit. Long story short, customizing pages and keywords during your site’s optimization, continuously, will cut down on wasted money and effort.

Social Media Campaigns

Believe it or not social media marketing campaigns boosts your website’s SEO ranking substantially. One of the main reasons for this is that social media marketing campaigns drive large amounts of traffic to your website. You need to market to the right audience and delight your visitors just as you would in any other marketing campaign, otherwise you could potentially not receive the needed SEO ranking boost.

Link Building

Link building can be monotonous, we know. However, it allows your website to gain greater authority by linking high authority pages to your business’ page. Exhibitech will not only build links, we will find the right ones. It isn’t just about having links to your website, it is also about linking from the right websites as well. 

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