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What's on your social calendar?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are all leading the pack in reaching potential customers. Let us guide you in all of your social media ad campaigns.

The Numbers


1.45 Billion Daily Active Users


340 Million Daily Active Users


400 Million Daily Active Users


1 Billion Daily Active Users

The Facts

With the increasing numbers of users everyday, it’s important to utilize social media regardless of the industry your business is in. Social media sites are a great tool for all types of businesses in any industry to reach new customers.

First, if your company doesn’t have one, we need to create your social media accounts. Once this is done there are several different strategies for reaching potential customers such as: targeted ads, “like” campaigns, sales, customer service, and more.

Leveraging the power of social media can greatly increase your customer base, if you know how. Utilize Exhibitech Design’s expertise for managing your Social media pages and elevate your customer base to the next level.

By taking even the smallest of steps with most social media platforms your customers can easily find out all the information they need to know about your business. Make it easy. Once your company has a social media presence you can then funnel new prospective customers to your website and/or social media page through targeted ads or posts.

 One thing that often gets overlooked is the fact that the more of an online presence you have on social media, the more benefits in Search Engine Optimization you will receive. Bringing visitors to your products or pages is a battle that needs to be fought on many fronts and it can be a daunting task. That’s why here at Exhibitech we aim to take the headache out of social media marketing. 



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The Solution

Through posts and ads with captivating content we will boost your social media engagement, leads, and sales. By taking the time to build a solid social media marketing plan we will put you leagues ahead of your competitors.

Our team will dedicate itself to creating an online social media persona for your business. Once this persona has been created the real work starts. With ads specifically tailored to your industry we reach your customers through demographic data, interests, previously viewed services, products, and pages.

Once we have created ads and posts we will then give your viewers time to see and use them. After that we will start up the analytics process.

During the analytics process we will determine what ads or posts are working, and which ones aren’t. By figuring out what works we will be able to more efficiently create content for all of your social media endeavors generating more revenue for your business. 

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Give us a shout. Let us handle all of your social media marketing needs today. Through post scheduling, promotions, give-a-ways, customer relations, and more. Elevate your business’ success with Exhibitech Design.